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Tower Trays --- A Full Line of Trays

Trays in Saiptech are designed using its in house programs, which give a full hydraulic output for the individual cases considered. The final design is optimized from both a cost and operational point of view. The optimum style of valves, from a venture cage valve for a low pressure drop to a min fixed valve for maximum performance, can be specified by our experienced design engineers.

distillation tray

Supply of new trays for new construct column

Saiptech has extensive experience in the supply of trays with a full hydraulic design for brand new columns. We take extra care in the layout and the design of the vapour and liquid inlets to ensure that maximum performance is achieved.

The internal arrangements are considered carefully to ensure full compliance with the required specifications as well as a design that is reasonable to install. Special consideration may also be given to the tray design to allow for a reduced onsite installation period.

Replacement of existing trays on a like for like basis

Saiptech can supply a partial or full replacement of existing distillation trays. This usually occurs during routine maintenance. We supply Saiptech designed trays that fit up to existing support structures and operate identically to the previous equipment.

We offer equivalent valve and identical downcomer sizing to ensure identical column operation. Our commitment also extends to the emergency situation where, as a result of an unscheduled breakdown, replacement trays can be drawn and manufactured in a very short time frame.

Our experienced draftsman are experts at taking a theoretical design and developing a full three dimensional model. This model ensures that there are no conflicts when the equipment is installed.

Upgrading existing columns for new operating conditions

Old columns need to be upgraded for new flow conditions. We have developed systems that allow for the modification of downcomer sizes and overall tray dimensions without the need for hot modification of the existing vessel welded in attachments.Higher capacity tray designs can also lead to column upgrades in performance without expensive column replacement.

Saiptech has been designing and manufacturing fractionation trays and other column internals for well over a decade. In supplying new designs and replacement trays, the Saiptech engineering department combines our proprietary research and development with extensive experience in the refining and process industries. Those enables Saiptech to replace most existing trays regardless of original manufacturer.

The available trays range from conventional to high performance, and the latest developments trays. Within the family of conventional trays, we offer:

  • Round and Caged Floating Valves
  • Fixed Valves
  • Sieve Trays
  • Bubble Cap Trays
  • Tunnel Trays
  • Cartridge Trays
  • Dual Flow Trays
  • Disk & Donut Trays
  • Other Trays

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