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Vane mist eliminators are basically baffle of zigzag blade or more sophisticated design like labyrinth form of parallel sheet with pockets and hooks, they are all high capacity inertial separator modules tailored for either vertical or horizontal flow installations. Saiptech has established proprietary know-how through application of extensive pilot testing, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation and commercial data confirmations. Let us apply our proprietary knowledge to provide solutions to your specific mist elimination problems.

For tentative preliminary selection on vane-type demister to a given mist-elimination task, Saiptech follows the general guidelines:
Droplets Size: vane type units are not generally applicable to very fine mist and fog. routinely remove 99.9% of droplets with diameters of 40 microns and above, and 90% of droplets as small as 20 microns.
Pressure Drop: In a typical application, the drop is only about 3 mm of water. In most cases, the pressure drop would be negligible for both mesh and vane types. But vane type may be preferred when very little pressure drop is available for the mist eliminator, as in a multiple-effect evaporator.
Liquid Load: The principal limitation of throughput in a mesh pad is flooding, meaning choking with liquid due to excessive quantities of mist or excessive gas velocity in the case of vertical flow. But liquid loads high enough to affect a vane type operation are extremely unlikely in ordinary industrial processes.

With its superior design, Saiptech has developed a serious of vane type mist eliminators depending on direction of gas flow and the complexity of the vane profile.


Simple Vanes

Complex Profiles with Drainage Channels





Gas handling

0.14 – 0.17 m/s

~ 0.30 m/s

0.17 – 0.45 m/s





Liquid load

Moderate to high

Very high

Moderate to high

Pressure drop

Very low




Vacuum, Desalination, KO drum

General use, Fouling service

Horizontal scrubbers, Vacuum, Desalination, General use, Fouling service

Debottlenecking, Off shore, Clean services, Gas & stream processing

Manufactured in virtually any size from a wide range of material, over 15 different styles can be designed and fabricated.

  • Polypropylene       FRP              PVDF
  • Carbon steel          Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Other special materials are available on request.

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