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Fiber Glass Candle

The Fibler Coalescer is designed to remove aerosols, fine particulate contaminants, water and amine from natural gas streams. It utilises proprietary, high performance microfiberglass coalescing media in a pleated configuration to improve performance.

Performance & Specifications

Absolute Micron Rating: 0.3 micron absolute
Water Removal Efficiency: 99% to 99.9%
100% removal of Solids & Liquids Larger Than 0.3 micron
Maximum Temperature: 100 C
Initial Pressure Drop: Lower than 2 psid
Recommended Change out: 15 psid
Inlet Water Concentration: up to 3% water (30,000 ppm)
Core: Stainless Steel
End Caps: Stainless Steel Double Open End with Viton Flat Gasket for Sealing
Media: High Performance Pleated Microfiberglass Coalescing Media with Polyester Support, Drainage, Secondary, Tertiary and Final Coalescing Media.
Outer Shell: Stainless Steel with Synthetic Polyester Outer Sock.


  • Protect Screw & Reciprocating Compressors
  • Remove Lube Oil After Screw Compressors
  • Protection of Gas Turbines
  • Protect Steam Generators at Power Plants & Enhanced Oil Recovery Removal
  • Removal of Carried Over Amine
  • Applications Near the Wellhead
  • Pipeline Pigging / Black Powder

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