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Tray Clamp & Hardwares------ replacement hardware for regardless of original producers

As a turnkey solutions provider, Saiptech is committed to detail. if you need replacement hardware to suit your mass transfer applications, we can provide you with solution.

Saiptech offers standard to the mass transfer and separations industry in carbon and stainless steel varieties, our engineers can help you determine exactly what you need based on your facility and equipment.

  • Bottom Clamps
  • Bottom Tray Clamps
  • Domed Washer
  • Frictional Washers
  • Heavy Hex Bolts/Nuts
  • Manway Lock Clamp
  • Mayway Lock Studs
  • Seal Plates
  • Top Tray Clamps
  • Tray Deck
  • Valves --- Round, Rectangular, Floating, Fixed, Ballast, Caged and Min Type
  • Bubble Caps

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