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Gas Scrubber

Gas Scrubber

Acid Gas Scrubber technology is one of the methods of environmental technologies with the aim to control and reduce air pollution caused by various industries. Acid gas scrubbers adopt wet scrubbers as one of its form to counter and remove polluted gas emission into environment. They have certain significant ability to handle high temperature and moisture, removes gases as well as neutralizes corrosive gases. The acid scrubber are majorly applied in the manure processing, natural degeneration, treatment of waste, manure-pharmaceutical, foundry, chemical, sterilization industry. Our acids Scrubber are relatively compact, high on disposal output and can be formed as multiple step systems.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant is designated specifically for switching Wet Scrubbers into utilizable fuels like carbon black, steel wire, pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis gas. To make sure high-temperature sustainability and safe operation, we develop these plants from superior quality stainless steel along with the employment of cutting edge techniques. The plant has the well-incorporated system for removing dust and desulfuration ensuring optimum yield quality. Different capacities, sizes, and specifications are accessible in our product range to suffice the variegated industrial requirements.


  • Reliable performance
  • Cost effective operation
  • Durable working life
  • Safe to use
  • Nature friendly
  • Sturdy and compacted structure
  • No pollution


  • Minimum Particle Size: 30 mg/Nm3
  • Material: FRP GRP fiberglass
  • Feature: UV Protection


  • Chemical plants
  • Rubber and tyre Effluent treatment plants

Working Procedure for Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

  • Automatic feed
  • Catalytic cracking
  • Oil-water separation
  • Cooling liquid
  • Carbon Black emission
  • Carbon black processing
  • Crude oil
  • Flammable gas recovery
  • Flammable gas combustion
  • Desulfuration removal

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