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TEG Contactor for Misture Free Gas

Gas fields and oil fields are usually located far away from gas processing and petrochemical production facilities. crude gas, extracted from a depth below the surface of the earth is not fit for transportation as it contains moisture along with acid gases like H2S and CO2 which severely corrode the gas transportation system. therefore a dehydration facility is provided in the vicinity. Saiptech has the requisite design strength to model and design Triethylene Glycol dehydration systems for gas with stringent process guarantees. Saturated gas is fed to the first column where lean Triethylene Glycol removes moisture to bring it to 10 ppm level using packed bed counter current operation. the column works as an absorber and the structured packing is used for efficient moisture removal. the exit TEG which is rich in moisture content is regenerated using two columns--Stripper & Regenerator. in the stripper, moisture is removed from TEG by heating, usually employing a reboiler. the moisture in TEG is further removed in the regenerator by recycling a small quantity of dry gas obtained from the first column.

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