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Knited Wiremesh Demister

SPT mesh pad type mist eliminators remove droplets by impingement on the wire surface. The liquid collected on the filaments is then able to drain from the pad under gravity. They have a limited range of useful operation in which they provide almost complete removal of droplets down to about 3-5 microns. Turndown range of the vapour rate is around 3:1. At excessively high vapour velocities, the liquid droplets that impinge on the wire surface are sheared off by the vapour and re-entrained before they are able to drain. At very low vapour velocities, all but the larger droplets are able to follow the vapour path through the mesh and thus avoid impingement; however the inherent design of the separator vessel means that in most applications an effective turndown performance of 10:1 or better can be achieved.

Wire mesh mist eliminators are well suited to remove mechanically formed entrainment from packed and trayed process towers, spray columns, venturi scrubbers and other gas scrubbing devices. They are also a widely used de-entrainment device in knock out drums and separators. With its superior design, Saiptech has developed a serious of mesh type mist eliminators depending on direction of gas flow and the complexity of the vane profile.

Manufactured in virtually any size from a wide range of material, over 14 different styles can be designed and fabricated.

Materials Available:

  • Polypropylene     PVDF     PTFE     ETFE
  • Carbon steel      Stainless steel
  • Titanium          Monel     Hastalloy
  • Other special materials are available on request.

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