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Bubble Cap Tray

Bubble cap trays are used primarily in applications with very low liquid loading and very high flexibility, where large turndown ratios are required.

Saiptech designs and provides a variety of bubble cap trays in which are the most leak free trays available. Our most common bubble cap designs include conventional slottedcaps (some have slots for vapor passage and others do not). Standard cap sizes are 3", 4" and 6". Of course, custom designs are available as well. The potential mechanicalconfigurations for the various riser and cap assemblies are numerous . Typical manufacturing methods to secure the riser and cap assembly to the tray floor include seal welding, press fitting, through bolting and swaging riser into extruded opening as depicted at right.

Bubble cap trays usually have a lower capacity (10-20 percent) than properly designed valve or sieve trays; however, they are capable of efficient performance over a wider operating range due to their superior leak proof characteristics.

Bubble Cap Type Available:

  • Round--Size 3",4",6" or tailor made
  • Tunnel type
  • Plastic type-PP, PVDF
  • Cast Iron

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