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CFD Modeling

CFD Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is a powerful tool that provides a three dimensional analysis of the fluid flow characteristics over time.Computers are used to perform the fluid dynamics calculations for the entire flow domain which may comprise of millions of cells. It is an integral part of product development. Multiphase flow simulations are used to predict, visualize and understand the fluid flow behavior inside process equipment like tray deck, separators and scrubbers at both test and full scale conditions.

Typical Application

  • Tray deck flow analysis
  • Horizontal 2 and 3 phase separators
  • Cyclones, demisting, hydrocyclones
  • Vertical 2 and 3 phase gas-liquid separators (scrubbers)
  • Knock out drums
  • Glycol contractors

Saiptech’s many years of practical experience coupled with client feedback of actual plant separation performance has resulted in reliable design correlations for the design of our range of distillation & separation internals.The challenge to constantly improve our equipment distillation & separation capability has been made possible through the additional use of CFD analysis utilizing plants real performance data.This information, combined with the CFD analysis results of our specialized equipment, provides confidence in the initial design or allows for recommendations to be made to improve separation capacity. Changes to equipment geometries or alternative equipment selection may eventually be needed to accommodate for upset conditions or future upgrades.

An added benefit is our ability to interface various output from the CFD models with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software in order to examine the mechanical reliability of the proposed equipment installation. This allows us to investigate the mechanical stress on the distillation separation equipment caused by the mechanical support arrangement inside the vessel.

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