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Ammonia Recovery & Ammonia Removal

Ammonia Recovery & Ammonia Removal from Liquids and Gases
Absorption of Ammonia from Waste Gases
Separation and Recycling of Ammonia from Liquids and Gases
Among the systems for the recycling of ammonia from waste water we are offering scrubbing systems for the removal of ammonia from waste gases. The alkaline gas component is being separated by means of a chemical scrubbing process with sulphuric acid and can be used as a liquid fertilizer.
In some cases the gas has to be quenched for cooling purpose down to the saturation temperature by evaporation of water before entering the scrubber.
In case of the ammonia concentration of the raw gas is really high the water circuit will be equipped with a heat exchanger for the removal of the heat coming out of the exothermal absorption process.
Our Performance
For complex customer requirements Saiptech offers complete high tech solutions that have proven successfully under practical conditions.
Automatic flushing cycles prevent any incrustations and allow an operation with a low maintenance demand. This results into the high availability of our plants.
Our main focus is on the recovery of potential recyclables. We can assure the recycling of the process products. Our systems are working without producing residual materials.

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