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Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Engineering design is essential part of all our jobs, it turn out that process and technical design idea to realistic equipment. we are not just deliver clients with quality products but also have to make sure these products are safe, reliable, yet with competitive cost.

Engineers at Saiptech use powerful tools Auto CAD & Solidworks to achieve that goals--give that blueprint and detail drawing for fabrication, 3D design tools for mechanical design, coupled with reliable strength and deflection calculation of customized structure, provide clients with strengthened equipment at lower fabrication cost. At the same time, 3D design drawing will facilitate client in installation and maintenance of equipment.

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) --3D Models

3D design refers to the creation and visualization of objects or environments in three dimensions using computer software. It allows designers, engineers, and artists to create virtual representations of physical objects or spaces, which can be viewed from any angle and manipulated in a virtual environment.

Strength & Deflection Calculation

Strength calculations involve determining the maximum stress that a structure or component can withstand before it fails. This is typically done by calculating the stress in the material due to the applied load and comparing it to the yield strength or ultimate strength of the material. If the stress exceeds the strength of the material, the structure or component will fail. Deflection calculations involve determining the amount of deformation or bending that a structure or component will experience under a given load. This is typically done by calculating the bending moment and shear force in the structure and then using the appropriate equations to determine the deflection. If the deflection is too large, the structure or component may not perform as intended or may fail. Both strength and deflection calculations are important in designing safe and reliable structures and components. They help engineers select appropriate materials, sizes, and shapes for the structure or component to ensure that it can withstand the loads and forces it will be subjected to during its intended use.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical method used to analyze and solve complex engineering problems. It is a computer-based technique that breaks down a complex structure or system into smaller, more manageable elements or subdomains. These elements are interconnected at specific points called nodes, forming a mesh.

FEA uses the principles of the finite element method (FEM) to approximate the behavior of the structure or system being analyzed. It involves dividing the structure into finite elements, applying appropriate mathematical models and equations to each element, and then solving these equations to determine the response of the entire system.

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