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Vapor Distributors

As much as possible, homogeneous distribution of the gas or vapor phase is also important for effective mass transfer in mass transfer columns since otherwise the mass transfer efficiency will drop due to back mixing. distribution system is to be provided for both small as well as particularly large gas volume rates as well as with increasing column diameters, see the attached figure. Modern gas / vapor distribution systems have the task of achieving a phase distribution with a small pressure drop.

From dumped packings or structured packings the liquid generally drips into the bottom of the column. The lower section of the bed usually bears the greatest load, and thus an even distribution of the gas / vapor phase reduces the flooding phenomena and the entrainment of drops. The gas / vapor inlets must be positioned sufficiently below the packings.

Vapor distributors have the task of uniformly distributing the incoming gas stream over the entire cross section of a tray or packed column. Through proper design, the resulting pressure loss is kept as low as possible. Depending on the gas volume, gas velocity, temperature and gas stream constituents being handled, the design and the material ofconstruction of the vapor distributor is selected. If required by the customer, CFD simulations of the incoming gas stream for a specific gas distributor can be provided

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