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Ceramic Column Internals
In today's competitive environment, the column internals must function as an integral part of total packed column design, rather than limit the performance of the packing. At Saiptech, we have proprietary ceramic column internals and combined with ceramic structured packing, customer can expect the overall solutions from here for its corrosive applications.
Manufactured in corrosion resistant ceramics, Ceramic column internals are an economical alternative to exotic metals and engineered plastics, and provides excellent service life.

Saiptech packing column system stands up to the toughest operating environments whether applying Saiptech technology to retrofits, upgrades or new construction, our professionals draw on an accumulated body of knowledge that nobody else can offer: more installations, more years of experience, more technical expertise than any other supplier.

  • Pan Type Liquid Distributor
  • Trough Type Liquid Distributor
  • Support Grid/Beam
  • Hump Support
  • Dome Arch Support Beam

  • Sulfuric Acid Plants
  • Regenerative Thermal
  • Oxidizers
  • Chlorine Cooling and Drying Towers
  • Bromine and Hydrochloric
  • Organic Acids Plants
  • Liquid Organic Waste
  • Disposal Coolers and Scrubbers
  • Natural Gas Treating and Dehydration Units
  • Purification of Aqueous

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