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Grid Packing
Structured Grid Packings are specifically designed to provide reliable operation in severe services that are susceptible to fouling, erosion, coking and high solids content. At Saiptech, there are three distinct styles of structured grid packing: styles 2, 3 & 25A.
Style 2 is optimized for maximum capacity, low liquid holdup and minimum pressure drop and provides the greatest fouling resistance.
Style 3 provides improves efficiency because it has a larger projected area perpendicular to the gas flow (causing higher localized vapor velocities).

25A structured packing was one of the first grid packings ever applied and is still widely used in refineries around the world.

  Structured Grid Packing


      STYLE 3

   STYLE 25A

     Specific Surface Area





   Packing Weight





     Layer Height





  • Scrubbers with High Solids
  • Coker Fractionators
  • Atmospheric Crude Units
  • Vacuum Crude Units
  • Resid Cracker
  • Reactor Off-Gas Scrubbers
  • Cracked Gas Quench Towers
  • Edible Oil Deodorizers
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (410s, 304, 316L), and many other High Alloy and Duplex Specialty metals.

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