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Amine Contactor

Amine Contactor for Sweetening Sour Gas

Amine contactor is the process equipment to remove acidic gases like H2S and CO2 from sour gas to make it "sweet" i.e. fit for all downstream processing. usually n-methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA) is used as the sweetening agent.

Saiptech has the requisite strength to model and design high efficiency Amine Contactors. the sour gas stream enters the bottom of the amine contactor while pre-cooled lean amine is fed from the top for countercurrent extraction of acid gases. sweet gas comes out from the top of the column. the acid rich amine solution leaving the bottom of the column is hot due to exothermic sweetening reactions and is led to surge drum where desorption of hydrocarbon from the amine solution takes place leaving behind acid containing amine. H2S and CO2 are stripped off from the amine solution is the Amine Regenerator and the amine so obtained is recycled back to amine contactor after cooling.

For Amine contactors, the design basis is the specified ppm level concentration of amine in the exit gas.

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