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Reactor Internals

Over the past decade, Saiptech has developed comprehensive knowledge and expertise in cooperation with major licensing companies and EPC contractors in the hydrocarbon processing market. This is where Saiptech is highly recognized for its ability to provide technology in accordance with strictest quality requirements.

Major liscensor companies have underlined their confidence in us by recommending Saiptech as one of their reliable suppliers of choice. Due to this close collaboration, Saiptech is recognized for its ability to design and produce high-quality catalytic reactor internals. In accordance with licensors and EPC specifications as well as international standards and codes, our reactor internals have the following advantages:
  • Uniform distribution
  • Extreme pressure and temperature compliance
  • Thermal stability of components
  • Maximization of catalyst volume and duration of operating cycles
  • Low fouling system reduction
  • Potential pressure drop build-up
High-quality technology doesn’t just happen. It is literally engineered into our manufacturing processes and services. That means using the latest laser technology, including laser welding techniques, as well as modern production control systems to ensure the highest visibility, while improving efficiency in the workshop. And we also invest heavily in the development of sophisticated software solutions to optimize processes and to ensure strength, safety and integrity throughout our projects. These cutting-edge software solutions range from stress simulation to hydraulic and mechanical design. We constantly review and develop new approaches as well as new technologies to improve function, quality, and flexibility.


Performance, economy and efficiency make our reactor internals especially suited for the following processes:

  • Catalytic reforming (fixed bed continuous/regenerative)

  • Styrene dehydrogenation

  • N0x removal systems

  • Solvent recovery

  • Hydrodesulphurising units

  • Tertiary recovery

  • Ammonia converters

  • Isomerisation systems

  • Other thin bed annulus systems

Saiptech Custom Fabricates Proprietary Reactor Internals For The Following Licensors

  • Chevron

  • Chevron Lummus Global

  • UOP

  • Shell Global Systems


  • Flour

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